My name is Andreas Fischbacher and I am now 23 years old. I live in the southern part of Germany, close to Munich if I’m not in New Zealand or somewhere at a kite festival ?

When did I start to fly kites? Well, I can’t remember, but according to my Mother, I was about 10 years old and started with a dual line kite made by my parents (who do not have any kite background). Then I stuffed around with dual line, quad line and eventually framed single line kites. On my first day of secondary school, I got the book “Phantastische Drachenwelt” from Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig which impressed me a lot. I saw the wide variety of kites flown at kite festivals and by the way: There was an article about a mad guy from New Zealand who got my attention. Yes it was Peter Lynn with photos of his Ray number 2 or 3 and a Octopus. From then on it was just a question of time that I decided to make soft kites by my own. Progress is sometimes slow, when you have to learn all by your own, but you only need to be persisting and the first flyable kites will result. My more recent designs are for example the Lt Fish and the new Manta. You will see photos of them here at the website. I do also have a decent job as Industrial mechanical and to not get bored, study mechanical engineering. This means the best time for me to design new kites is at night and sometimes the weekends when the wind and weather is not necessary pleasing. But at least: Going test flying at those conditions earns you a suspicious image in the neighborhood ? Looking forward seeing you somewhere at a kite festival to fly together and have a wee chat!

Kind regards

  • Kite: Manta ray (Andreas Ray)