Craig, Steff ( and a few others went to fly and promote the awarness to Prostate cancer the other week in New Brighton (New Zealand), by flying a banner, growing some amazing moustaches, (eeekkk) and taking kids, YOUNG AND OLD (79 years old was the oldest) for rides on the buggy along the beach. Good on ya Steff for becoming a MO Bro Leader…… who organised all the team here at PLK and outside the factory to join and raise money and awareness.

Craig taking the potential buggiers of the future for rides in photos one and two.

Andy Datlan, flying with a Mo Bro baby octopus. Andy is only 17 and had the best mo for a guy that age we have ever seen. (photo 3 and 4)

Craig and his handle bar moustache. (eeekkkkk) Simon shaved his off very quickly after November had finished, so I didn’t have a chance to take a picture with his attempt. (drat!!!!!) (photo 5 and 6)