Kite Designed: Cherub|Gorilla

Claudio world renowned artist and kite maker, especially appreciated for the kites painted with portraits that seem to observe us from the sky, Claudio is the creator and organizer since 1981 of the long-lived ARTEVENTO International Kite Festival in CERVIA, Italy.

Responsible for the cheeky Cherub, a super kite that oozes character, and a remarkably good and stable flyer, in 2021 Claudio presents his new great design, “the Gorilla”, which once again features the same characteristics, combining his recognizable visual art with his work as an innovative kite designer.

Starting from the artistic study of the animal in real life, in fact, Claudio designed the shapes of the new creation making sure that its position is at the perfect angle with the wind so to develop the ideal lift on the fly and that is why a pilot is not needed even with this new majestic looking kite!!! check it out here