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DIY Show Kite Kit – Whale

After doing a Blue Whale workshop for the NZKA and the Melbourne Kite club (Victorian Flash Mob Kite Flyers), we have decided to open up this workshop to the World.  With a DIY Blue Whale Workshop kit.

This 3.1 meter (10ft long) blue whale is slightly larger than the Micro Blue Whale (completed version)

This kit comes complete with everything you need to make your very own Blue Whale Peter Lynn Workshop Kite.  Kit does not include a bridling tool, if you require one to go with your DIY kit let us know.

  • All pieces are pre-cut
  • Placement templates for fins and mouth
  • Carabineer
  • Bridles, through cords and patches
  • Kit comes with some very detailed printable instructions and an OK’ish You Tube video
  • Also included is the Bag, yes your Workshop kit comes in its own bag so when complete your kite has its own bag

There is a 15% discount when this kite is purchased as a part of a Kite Club. (minimum order for any kite club to receive the discount is 4 kits).

Our standard colours for this kit is:

  • Navy/Grey
  • Navy/White
  • Purple/White
  • Royal/White

Custom colours are available but there is a minimum order of 4 per colour.  There also may be a delay as we wont stock your custom colours.  When made we do in batches of 100 kits to help keep the costs down :).

Kits are $65.00 USD

For any other information and or to order then please email