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Easter Island Head

The Easter Island Head Kite has just gone through some large changes. It has a new bridle set up, and instead of a drogue it comes with a bucket tail.

The improvements have been a massive hit! The kite now fly’s on a much better angle, and even better in a good wind, and it does not require a pilot kite above it to fly.

The Easter Island Head was originally made by Simon Chisnall for Pierre Lesage, and he actually flew it on Easter Island with the Maoi (Easter Island Head carvings).

Modeled from the Maoi they look amazing on your flying line.

  • 5 meter long (12.4 meters with tail) Easter Island Head $ 590 USD
  • RTF Kite with 50 meters of our 3mm Show Kite Flying Line $640 USD
  • NEW Maxi Sized Easter Island Head $1600 USD
Kite Only ($USD) RTF ($USD) Length Width Weight
Micro $ $
Mini $ $
Midi $590 $
Maxi $1600 $
Over large $ $