Craig recently went to a wedding of one of his best friends daughters, a beach wedding, dangerous stuff (in the scale of things worse than working with kids and animals on a movie set) Well no more encouragement was needed Craig asked the bride if she would mind if he flew a kite on the beach she look a bit puzzled but sayed yes, so he and Debbie went off to Tauranga for the weekend with bag of kites and a special surprise, one that had the mother and sisters of the bride in tears even before they got to the ceremony on the beach.

With the help of Steffan Cook of Air Banners, they put together a banner to fly at the wedding. This was high over the beach as the wedding party arrived, a good thing concidering the length of the beach and the possibility of not finding the small patch in the sand where the ceremony was to be held. When the mother of the bride arrived her makup was running the moment she saw the banner, as were her sisters (bridsmaids)

I know this is a bit soppy but what an opportunity to do what I love doing and be able to bless some one in the process and make a unique day just that little bit different and special. Very romantic.

So we had a great wedding and a great party and all the best for Emma and Steven.

Oh! on the way home we stopped in at Rotorua. A most intresting place. This is reported to be THE place in the world where the earths crust is most thinnest. The ground is alive with boiling water and mud all over the place….. quite the smelliest place on earth but fascinating, so a couple of photos included.