You can now order any of our fantastic kites online using the simple form. Please complete the form on the right and we will email you to confirm your purchase.


Is there a better advertising banner?These kites have plenty of pull, and we recommend that you also purchase our flying line especially for the larger models.Some graphics pricing below but ask for a quote if you are not sure.

1.5m x 9 $96 USD

3m x 1.8 $430 USD

6m x 3.6 $1050.00 USD
(simple graphics)

6m x 3.5 $1120 USD
(more complex graphic)

10m x 6 $1500
(simple graphics)

10m x 6 $1650 USD
(more complex graphic)

Kite Only ($USD) RTF ($USD) Length Width Weight
Micro $ $
Mini $ $
Midi $ $
Maxi $ $
Over large $ $