MATARIKI – Aotearoa New Zealand will get a new public holiday.

The law creating a Matariki public holiday in New Zealand – set for June 24 2022 – has passed in Parliament.

The law adds a 12th day of public holidays to New Zealand’s working year, recognizing the Māori body of knowledge around the period on the Māori lunar calendar.
It marks the beginning of the Māori New Year, the most significant celebration in the traditional Māori calendar – and we get to fly kites.
Kites have always played an important role in Māori culture, particularly during the winter season when they were flown to signify the start of Matariki.
The Māori kite is called manu tukutuku or manu aute – manu translates as either kite or bird. Another word for kites is pākau, meaning the bird wing.
Māori flew kites for recreation, but also to communicate, measure the likelihood of a successful enemy attack, or to find offenders. They were also used as a means to communicate with those who had passed on, connecting heaven and earth.
There are numerous Matariki kite events around New Zealand in June.  To help celebrate Matariki in New Zealand we have 2 super cool Matariki kites.

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