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Micro Show Kite Kit

Kit contains

  • Pilot -2 meter
  • Ray -1.2 meter wide x 2.2 meters long
  • Fish -1.3 meter wide x 1.9 meters long
  • Crab -1 meter wide x 1.1 meters long
  • Flying Line -70 meters long
  • Kite Kit Bag

Often you see multiple kites flying on one line at Kite Festivals. Now you can do the same .

The kite kit contains everything you need and in two simple steps you will be flying

  1. Launch Pilot
  2. Larks Head Knot the kites to each attachment point provided on the line.

If you are flying at the beach in light winds and there are no tie off points, simply fill the kite bag with sand, use the tie off point and the bag becomes an anchor.

  • KIT PRICE $399 USD

You can buy the kites individually prices are=

  • Ray $79 USD
  • Fish $155 USD
  • Crab $88 USD

These prices do not include GST (New Zealand) and freight

Kite Only ($USD) RTF ($USD) Length Width Weight
Micro $ $
Mini $ $
Midi $ $
Maxi $ $
Over large $ $