The PL Kite Economy.

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I’ve now been back in New Zealand for nearly four weeks, intending not to travel away again until after Xmas.

Three months uninterrupted workshop time!: Winch systems for UKS, the next Stirling engine prototype (unfinished business) , a speed record attempt buggy for NABX next year, working on the AP ‘foil (more unfinished business), developing a new Pilot kite, and playing with a few old engines of course. Plus some pleasant evenings with good friends and a bottle or three, and time for family. Whee!

Townsville, Coolum and Noumea (2 to 4 Oct), Shenzhen and Xiamen (China, 24 Oct to 3 Nov) were a threat to this stay at home intent but others covered for me. There were 6 people from here away at overseas events one weekend, and I wasn’t- this has to be a record.

So, yes, there are more kite festivals than ever