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The Peter Lynn Pilot the best top kite you can get your hands on.

Need a sky hook? A helping hand at kite festivals?

You can attach these to most of our large kites and it will keep you out of trouble with your kite field neighbors all day.

Specifically designed for easy, single handed trouble free launch-ability.

They are made in rip stop nylon and are extremely good flyers across all conditions.

Also great for lifting any objects, KAP gear, Spin socks, Line junk, anything that dose not have good lift of its own, or to give a helping hand in light conditions or simply hauling stuff up to where the wind is for inflation in sheltered launch spots and kite fields.

We have a size for any job you can think of.

Since we have had these on our large kites at festivals the damage to our kites has been negligible.

We can build one for you in the following sizes.

Kite Only ($USD) RTF ($USD) Length Width Weight
2m $60 $ 0.40 kg’s (in a pilot bag)
4.5m $140 $ 1.0 kg’s (in a pilot bag)
6m $190 $ 1.10 kg’s (in a pilot bag)
8m $260 $ 1.60 kg’s (in a pilot bag)
12m $290 $ 2.0 kg’s (in a pilot bag)