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The 6 meter PAWITA Pilot is a great new addition to the Peter Lynn Kite range of Pilots.

This kite is one of AWITA’s (A kite flying team in France) most favorite kites.  We produced the Pawita Pilot for them and now we are lucky enough to produce it for everyone else :).

The great thing about the Pawita Pilot is it does not need a long line in between your Show kite and your Pilot kite.  A traditional pilot kite needs a minimum of approx. 35 meters between the pilot and the show kites.  This Pawita Pilot is happy on 15 meter line in between kites.  This allows you to fly in much smaller areas.

Price for this Pawita Pilot is $220.00 USD.

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Kite Only ($USD) RTF ($USD) Length Width Weight
6m $220.00 USD $ 1.40 kg’s