Dear faithful existing customers and prospective new Kite owners.

We have something important to say, we have thought long and hard about this.

Something that has been difficult to work through, for many reasons, one of which is not devaluing the faithfulness of our long term friends and customers, who have been buying and flying our kites for many years, another being able to continue to produce and provide a quality product and service.

Not a lot of things in this world are certain but there are some like death and taxes’, both certain and unavoidable, another of these certain tings is of course change.

We currently find ourselves in a time of global financial turmoil that is having global effects on the new and once burgeoning global marketplace, as a result we (all of us) are facing pressures, and need to make changes to be able to adapt to ensure our survival.

For us, among the many challenges the two that loom largest are slow sales as peoples financial positions are affected, and a market saturated with poor copies of original designs and other large original but low quality kites Along with this large non flying line junk and wind socks.

We in response have come up with some changes in the way we supply kites to the market and the pricing structures that surround this supply chain in an effort to continue to make and supply a quality product and service and maintain sufficient sales to keep orders on the board.

These changes have included a reduction in margin for both our dealers and us, and effectively pass this (discount) on to you the customer; these new prices have been posted to our Show Kites page.