Simon started working for Peter Lynn Kites in 1996 were he worked in the buggy department making buggies for using with Power kites.  Early in the turn of the Century he moved into the Show Kites side of Peter Lynn Kites, and after a few years started creating new designs of his own.

One of his first popular designs was the Crab Show Kite. followed by the Cuttlefish.

Simon married Lyndall in 2006 who is a keen kite flyer as well convincing him to make her a Sun/Moon kite for her that featured on the cover of the AKA Kiting magazine in 2010. Some of Simon’s other popular designs include – The Space Racer, Horse, Blue Whale, Pegasus, PLK Dragon, Terry The Turtle, Dolphin, Crocodile, Easter Island Head, Whale Shark and Pig with wings.

He has also made many one off designs for individuals all around the world.

Simon has designed some amazing kites over the years, and if you asked him what his favorite would have been I am sure he would probably tell you it was making Toothless the Dragon for 20th Century Fox into a 18 meter long Dragon with a 12 meter wide wing span Show Kite to help promote the movie ‘ How To Train Your Dragon 2’.

Peter Lynn Kites actually ended up making 5 of them were they flew in different locations around the US.

Upon completing this Simon and a team of kite flyers took Toothless to England, and flew it behind a boat down the Thames in London were they especially opened the Tower Bridge so that the Dragon could fly through.

Simon has worked on all 4 of the world’s largest kites, including the Guinness World Record Kuwait flag kite of 1000 square meters of lifting area, and the newest record kite the Ray for the Alfarsi Kite Team with 1250 meters squared of lifting area.

Over the years Simon has traveled to many International Kite events to help put on displays, and show off the latest creations from himself and Peter Lynn Kites.  These places include Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, India, Australia, USA, Thailand, China and Indonesia and France.


Simon Chisnall