Hi All at Peter Lynn.

I’m just writing to tell you of a great day had by several of us in our kite buggies.

We all ventured down to Sandy Point (a 2.5 hour drive) for a midday tide, and conditions were not looking the best, it rained most of the way!!

But we were greeted by a nice 30+ knot wind, and no rain (for the moment).

We quickly set the buggies up and hit the beach.

I was using my PL 7m Scorpion. It likes the stronger winds ?

The buggy was a bit different to most, as I had set up my old PL Mark 1 comp buggy behind as a tandem.

My girlfriend loves riding in the back with a great view of the fantastic beach.

With the great winds we were blest with high speeds.

Soon we were cruising along at 70kph!

With the wind gusting and the Scorpion relishing the conditions, it wasn’t long till the GPS was pushing 75kph!

I had Joe (one of our fellow buggiers) push past me as I dropped in speed a little. But soon I was pushing him along.

The speed and the wind was increasing, and it wasn’t long until the GPS was holding 77kph.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get any more from the Scorpion.

I had the kite set for full power yet it needed more wind (what is the top end of this kite?).

The kite was forging ahead in the gusts, stable yet with a bit of bite.

The 7m Scorpion is one of the quickest ARC’s around, and getting it in the air almost resulted in it luffing, such was the speed it took off into the air before fully inflating.

Try as I could over 3 runs of the beach (10km long), there was no way I could get the buggy any faster than my first run, at 77.5kph, but the other two runs were peaking at 76kph.

The tide soon turned, and we all decided to call it a day.

I have now found out that this is the fastest speed anyone has done in a tandem, and I expect that the kite is able to go even quicker given better conditions.

Thanks Peter Lynn for a quick kite!

Fingers crossed for some better conditions in the near future.

Hope you all enjoy the video shot by Joe.


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Nigel and Kathleen.