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Blue Whale; Check out our Web Page and Facebook pages to see the wonderful pictures of the Blue Whale.  The first one made was life size, truly awesome!  The fabric has been specially commissioned for true colour authenticity.  She swims majestically in the sky and looks amazing, create your very own pod of blue whales.  The Blue Whale has been made to look as realistic as possible from the ventral pleats to the small dorsal fin.  The Over Large size at 30M is the size of a fully grown Blue Whale, while the 8M Midi (calf) is the size when they are born.

Original Peter Lynn Kites Design  © 2010

  • Micro 3m $119 USD
  • Midi 8m $540 USD
  • Maxi 16m $1965 USD
  • Maxi 16m RTF $2375 USD
  • Over Large 30m $4620 USD
Kite Only ($USD) RTF ($USD) Length Width Weight
Micro $ $
Mini $119 $  3m
Midi $540 $  8m
Maxi $1965 $2375  16m
Over large $4,620 $ 30m

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