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AF Ray

The Manta ray designed by Andreas Fischbacher, a project that has taken soft kite design to the edge, with a special emphasis on removing the need for excessive drag and or the assistance of a pilot.  The manta ray is designed to fly alone with a good line angle although it may be flown under a pilot, with out complications, to reduce tangles and damage, when deployed in close quarters with other flyers. A Mini version is currently being developed and is coming soon!!!!

This kite is available in 3 weights of material, on request a special “ultralight” version, a light wind weapon in 20D”Khamsin Fabric” a 30D version and a 40D all Rip-stop Nylons.

*note the lower the D “Denier” The lighter the fabric and higher the thread count,  The 20D and 30D are a lighter weight Rip-stop but are just as strong as the 40D.  The use of the lighter weight fabrics gives you a larger wind range with out compromise to strength.

Kite Only ($USD) RTF ($USD) Length Width Weight
Mini Manta 30D only $770.00 7 meters 3 meters
Midi Manta 40D

Midi Manta 30D



$ 12 meters 6.5 meters
Maxi Manta 40D

Maxi Manta 30D



$ 30 meter 12 meters

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